One of the things we try to do is make sure that Oregon coverage on Wikipedia is reasonably comprehensive. This is of course pretty subjective, and a moving target, to boot, as Oregon history unfolds before our eyes. But we’ve come up with a few ways to organize our efforts:

This page is a list of Oregon-related “red links.” Red links are things that have been linked from existing articles, but haven’t yet been written. Take a look; it’s an odd list, and not necessarily an accurate reflection of anything specific, but interesting to contemplate.

This list is an entirely subjective “priority list.” Anybody can add to it or update it.

We also have an article assessment system, which allows us to compare article quality vs. importance; and a “Collaboration of the Week” program, where we “herd the cats” into focusing our attention on specific articles, sometimes with great success. Expect more detailed posts on these programs soon!