The article on D. B. Cooper, a famous airplane hijacker who vanished near Portland in 1971, is featured today on the front page of Wikipedia!

This is an article that was developed mostly by people who aren’t involved in WikiProject Oregon, but as a Featured Article, it’s been peer reviewed by the community as one of the finest articles on Wikipedia. (Only about 2,000 articles have reached that status, fewer than a dozen related to Oregon.)

It’s also the subject of an interesting little tale, told in a couple of posts on my blog. Briefly: a Wikipedia editor who had worked on the article bought a book from, only to find that the book was an exact reproduction of an earlier version of the Wikipedia article. This appears to be legal, but raises some interesting questions. After my first post, the owner of the publishing company called me to give me his side of the story; the second blog post covers that discussion. Take a look at the full story.

But apart from all that, big congrats to the authors of the Wikipedia article — great job!