So, we’ve been blogging for a week! Our first full day brought an exciting 241 hits, largely attracted by a nice mention at Jack Bog’s Blog. Since then, we’ve settled into about 50 hits/day, which is a lot higher than I would have expected for a brand new blog.

Thanks to Northwesterner and Mike for boldly joining me in making blog posts, and EncMstr, Tedder, Katr67, Cacophony, and others for jumping right in on the comments. It’s great to see the community rallying to this new outlet; without all your contributions, this thing wouldn’t have much of a future!

We’ve made a couple decisions about how we want to handle things; completely up for revision, of course. A couple folks told me they didn’t like the “snapshots” feature that created popup previews when hovering over a link; so I turned ’em off. And we also aren’t convinced of the value of linkbacks, especially those within our blog or coming from closely-related blogs like my own. So I’ve deleted all those that have come in thus far.

Any comments on how we’re progressing, or what kind of stuff we should be covering? So far, we’ve focused a lot on the process for adding photos to the encyclopedia. Any other major topics we should be covering? Is this stuff too detailed, or not detailed enough? Better ways to organize or tag our posts? All feedback welcome!