Hopefully, our first volley of blog posts has illustrated that working on a wiki is, largely, about building community. Many of us who are active at WikiProject Oregon stick around because we enjoy trading tips and tricks, interesting articles, and generally developing a “barnraising” ethos with one another. This is something that’s shared among most wiki-based web sites; if the site works well, it’s largely because a vibrant community has evolved around the site.

This blog is an attempt to share and build on our community, but we’re not the first, or most effective, Oregon-based group to do that. Portland WikiWednesday is a group of wiki enthusiasts — from a number of different wiki communities, not just Wikipedia — who get together once a month for networking, socializing, brainstorming, and planning.

The meetings are very informal; anyone with an idea to share, a compelling question, or a project to plan out is encouraged to convene a few people around their idea. Some people just enjoy drinking beer and getting to know other wiki enthusiasts, while others look forward to the opportunity to plan out an article, develop a new piece of software to enhance a wiki, or discuss the ways technology is changing society. Whether you’re the inventor of wiki software or are just getting your wiki feet wet, you’re sure to find something worthwhile at this event.

WikiWednesday is held every first Wednesday (like this week, for instance!) from 5:30 to about 8:30, at the offices of AboutUs in inner SE Portland. (107 SE Washington St., fifth floor.) See the Portland WikiWednesday Google Group for more info, or to join the (fairly low-traffic) email list.

This month, expect to hear from several people who recently traveled to Palo Alto for RecentChangesCamp, a regional wiki conference. There might be people in attendance from Connectipedia, a fascinating new resource for foundations and non-profits, based on a wiki-like tool called Wagn. If you’re lucky, you might even learn something about urban chicken farming!