Curious how people find us? Here’s a little window into our web traffic to date.

WordPress provides some cool traffic analysis tools. Here’s a (simplified and annotated) list of where a number of our visitors have come from:

115 blog post
56    various places on
53    Planet Wikimedia public aggregator
42    Google Reader account-based aggregator
39    Wikipedia (various links from talk pages, project pages)
26    Our New Mind blog
11    Bloglines account-based aggregator
8 public aggregator
5    clicked in email
4    iGoogle
3    Ignite Portland proposals
3 blog
2 blog
2    Loaded Orygun blog
2    Friends of Bart blog
1 (social bookmarking tool)
1 (social bookmarking tool)

Lots of people find us through Internet searches, too. Here are the terms they’ve used:

wikipedia pictures license
wikiproject oregon blog
wikiproject oregon
wiki upload photo
wikipedia fair-use image of living perso
publishing a picture print
how to wikipedia
how to post a picture on wikipedia
how to put images on wikipedia
how to put a picture on wikipedia
how can i upload photo in wikipedia?
license your photographs
license your photos
how to publish wikipedia
how to put up pictures on wikipedia
candidate & photo & copyright & fair use
how to upload pictures in wikipedia?
how to publish photography
wikipedia “creative commons” flickr
which license to choose flickr
no free image wikipedia
our new mind blog forsyth
how to post a picture to wikipedia
putting a picture on wikipedia
how to post a photo on wikipedia
wikipedia flickr license
do i need a license for flickr
contemporary dining room interiors
oregon’s priority list
photo by under license
flickr pictures
confusing creative commons derivative li
licensing your photographs

For those of us looking to make sure we’re visible out there on the ‘nets, I think these provide some important clues as to what we should be doing. Of course, a lot of it is specific to the kind of posts we’ve done to date, the kind of attention we’ve gotten on other blogs, and the things we’ve done thus far to promote it. Still, it’s interesting to see what works.