Space NeedleA neighbor up in Seattle has published a story about his experiences as a Wikipedia contributor. Apparently he worked to get the Seattle, Washington article up to Featured status, among other projects.

This is a great window into the mind of a regular Wikipedia editor. Also nice news to me — I often wonder why there aren’t more Washingtonians working on Wikipedia (or at least, organized in any way I can recognize). So it’s great to see that they’re out there. Maybe some day we’ll find better ways to build some virtual “bridges” across the Columbia, and work together more effectively.

One unfortunate thing, though — this article is one of many where the author exposes some of the cool stuff about Wikipedia, but also explains how he ultimately got frustrated and mostly left the project. I’m always sad to hear about this, and also sad that the frustration gets so much play in the media. Not to deny Benjamin his point of view — I’m sure his reasons were perfectly legitimate. But I also wonder how many content Wikipedia editors are just too busy writing Wikipedia articles, to write up articles for the mainstream media about their more positive experiences.

Their (our) point of view is an important one too…hopefully that perspective will get a little more play through blogs like this one.

Hat tip to Kari Chisholm of Mandate Media and, thanks for pointing this article out!