WikiProject Oregon on identi.caIn a recent spurt of activity, we at WikiProject Oregon have stepped up our social networking game by creating a Facebook group and an microblogging stream.

WikiProject Oregon on FacebookI’m sure most readers are thoroughly familiar with Facebook, so I’ll take a moment to explain what (eye-dent-i-ka) is all about. Similar to the 140 character notices of Twitter, is that and more. For what it doesn’t yet have in visibility, it makes up for as a Creative Commons licensed, open source platform which is already being improved by its users. Following many in the Portland tech community, I chose to embrace this endeavor, if only for the simple fact that the project (and the people behind it) adhere to the same values of free culture that WikiProject Oregon itself does. Look for announcements of our posts and events on in the future, and please feel welcome to join our Facebook group (even if you’ve never hit that edit button before).