WikiWednesday is a meeting of all wiki folk on (usually) the first Wednesday of every month. As some of you may know, Portland has its very own WikiWednesday, hosted by AboutUs. For most of its history, it has been organized primarily through a Google group. But now, thanks to bountiful generosity of Ward Cunningham in providing the subdomain, we now have a wiki of our own at

WikiProject Oregon members are very active participants at the Portland WikiWednesday, all the way back to the inaugural meetups. As Wikipedians who care about Oregon and its wiki coverage, we relish the opportunity for a regional meetup. I personally consider WikiWednesday to be a very special event in the Wikiverse, as it is more regular than most Wikimedia-only meetups, and includes the entire Wiki Ohana.

WikiProject Oregon members are already helping out with planning the upcoming September WikiWednesday in Portland, which will focus on health in Oregon. Another important step is coming up with a site logo for the wiki, something that adequately represents what WikiWednedays in Portland are all about.