Finding a certain article on Wikipedia isn’t usually too hard — you just search for it. But what if you’re just interested in what Wikipedia has on a certain topic? For instance, would you have guessed that there are 44 articles on Olympic competitors from Oregon?

One of Wikipedia’s great strengths is the “category” system. At the bottom of every article, you’ll see a line that begins “Categories:“. The links on that line provide a really interesting way to browse the encyclopedia. For instance, if you’re reading up on one Olympic competitor, you might be surprised at who else you stumble upon by browsing categories.

Ever wonder about the history of bridges in Portland? Looking for a museum in Oregon, but can’t remember the name? Have some questions about Oregon state legislators? Browsing categories can help.

A final note — if you look at the last couple examples, you’ll see not only lists of articles, but lists of sub-categories. In fact, the category for Oregon legislators contains no individual articles; that’s because every legislator we have an article is further categorized as a senator, a representative, or both. So, to get to the individual articles, you’ll need to burrow down into the more detailed categories.

Finally, for a more visually interesting introduction to Oregon-related articles on Wikipedia, you could always try the Oregon portal! On that one, keep in mind that every time you refresh the page, it will load a fresh set of article previews.