Wikipedia offers us an opportunity to track information, collectively, in ways that have not previously been possible. In the past, we’ve been more or less reliant on news organizations, book publishers, and other private organizations to provide overviews of important topics. And if we want ongoing access to this kind of information, we’re at the mercy of those organizations’ widely varying policies toward their web site content.

Today, I composed a basic article on Loren Parks. This man has been enormously influential on Oregon’s political scene since the mid-1990s, funding innumerable ballot measures sponsored by Kevin Mannix and Bill Sizemore (as well as several campaigns to elect Mannix to public office.)

As Oregonians, we have a strong interest in staying informed about an influential person like this. He gets media coverage, but the archives are dispersed all over the web; there’s nowhere to go to get a dispassionate overview of his life and activities.

Until now, that is.

What other topics need coverage like this? What do Oregonians care about, but have trouble researching?