Arbitration Committee elections 2008

Wikipedia is a cooperative project run on consensus, not voting. Everyday decisions about the content of articles and other activity is left up to whomever is interested in participating. But while we are neither a democracy nor a bureaucracy, we do hold semi-formal elections for a handful of key positions within the community.

One of these is the Arbitration Committee (called ArbCom for short). Today, the December 2008 elections for the Committee ended with the appointment of ten new members by Jimmy Wales.

For those not familiar with it already, ArbCom is a panel of users (currently about 17) who together make binding decisions to resolve disputes on Wikipedia. They are the absolute last resort in the dispute resolution process, and even have the power to overturn decisions by our founder. For WikiProject Oregon in-specific, we are proud to say that no conflict within our project has ever had to be resolved by ArbCom.

Please welcome these new members of the Committee, and give them the big thanks they deserve for pledging their time to make sure that the biggest encyclopedia in history functions smoothly. I’ve listed them below according to the vote tally. Feel free to peruse their candidacy statements to get a feel for what they’ll bring to the job.