Third part in a III part series. As in the last one.

High quality content on Wikipedia generally refers to content that has had some sort of peer review process and determined to be of high quality. These are mainly the Good Articles (GA) and Featured Content. GA content can only be articles, while the Featured status can be bestowed on articles (FA), lists (FL), pictures (FP), as well as sounds, topics, and portals. FA is the highest level of quality on Wikipedia and these articles are featured on Wikipedia’s Main Page. GA is the lowest end of the high quality articles, but still a worthy accomplishment.

At the beginning of 2008 WikiProject Oregon had about 15 GA class articles; at the end it was 45. This is a nice 300% increase, and a much higher increase than the 40% increase in the number of articles, so not only was there a raw increase, but the ratio also increased. For FA and FL content we went from 6 at the beginning of 2008 to 14 at the end, and increase of 8 (6 FA, 2 FL). This was a 233% increase, again well ahead of the overall increase in articles. And so far this year we have added 3 more FAs, which puts us on a pace to just beat the 2008 numbers.

Overall in high quality content we went from 21 to 59, or a 280% increase. Not bad, and with a similar increase this year we should break the 100 mark by the end of the year.