WikiProject Oregon is a community of Wikipedia contributors with a shared interest in the state of Oregon. We first “convened” online in 2005, and the size and scope of our project has been growing ever since. We’ve got a bunch of things to brag about:

  • improved several articles to Featured status
  • built a portal to highlight Oregon-related articles, lists and photos
  • created and tracked down images to illustrate various articles
  • resolved conflicting accounts of a few historic events
  • started a monthly meetup in Portland, along with other wiki enthusiasts
  • established a Collaboration of the Week program to focus our energies

We hope to use this blog to chronicle our various projects, partner with other organizations and individuals, and generally reach out to Oregonians who may be interested in building the world’s greatest encyclopedia.

Want to know more? Many of us have posted brief introductions here; there’s a more complete list of project members, and much much more, on the WikiProject Oregon (WP:ORE) pages on Wikipedia.

Contact us

Want to talk with someone about the project? We’re all volunteers, but we’d love to answer your questions. Feel free to call Pete Forsyth at 503-453-9766, or contact him by email. Or just come to our monthly WikiWednesday event in Portland — we love to chat about our work, and how you might get involved!

2 Responses to “About WikiProject Oregon”

  1. mark mccann Says:

    interested in your project–I know native plants and found and error at
    Poison hemlock is NOT a native.
    I would like to assist in editing and adding to the list

  2. Pete Forsyth Says:

    Mark, thanks for the interest. An error like that is something you should just feel welcome to correct — just click the “edit” button at the top of the article, and remove the inaccurate entry. It’s important to use the “edit summary” field, so that others can tell that you’re not simply vandalizing; just say something like “removing plant that is not actually native to Oregon.”

    If you have a reference — a book, a web site, etc. — that backs up your edit, so much the better. Include it with your edit; don’t worry too much about formatting, somebody else can always tidy up your work.

    If you’re serious about improving that list, one thing that’s often helpful is to look at a similar list that has reached “Featured” status. I couldn’t find any lists of plants, but the list of California birds might be worth a glance.

    If you have questions as you go along, a good place to ask is on the WikiProject Oregon discussion page. Just put your question at the bottom, and check back in a day or so.

    Hope this helps! -Pete

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